About me


Three years ago, I was a different individual. Like many, I had my insecurities and lacked the confidence I have now.

Each person has their struggles on the journey of self-confidence and being comfortable in their body. For some, it's easier than others and they naturally have that confidence from the get-go; for others, it's not that simple. Body image conflict is more prominent in our society now than ever.

Since I've begun working out in the gym, I can say this with certainty. I wish I had a guide to follow to start without as many mistakes. I had no idea about nutrition or exercise. The number of machines felt overwhelming. It was considerably more difficult because I had no idea what gym split to perform.

So I made this website to assist anyone who wants an effective diet and exercise regimen that will ensure results. In the past few months, after working with clients who wanted to gain weight and lose weight, I've believed that there must be an ideal guide that anyone, experienced or not, can use to guarantee outcomes at a reasonable price.


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