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Tailored Bulking plan

Tailored Bulking plan

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At real strength we will provide you with a tailored plan made especially for you.

The plan will target your individual needs and address your personal weaknesses. It will include guidelines on your own strength training journey as well as your calories intake and diet overall. For all clients no bulking plan will be the same as that of another as each individual has different goals and needs.

With the use of our plan as well as consistency and constant feedbacks; the client in the first 2 images went from 58kg to 80kg, and the client in the third image went from 42kg to 58kg. This goes to show that making such an investment will have your body thanking you in the future.

It's important to know that with any bulking plan some fat gain is inevitable due to the physiology of our bodies. However at real strength we provide constant feedback and adjust plans if needed  to assure our clients goals are meet at all costs.

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