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Weight loss plan

Weight loss plan

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At real strength, our weight loss plans are designed to help you convert fat into lean muscle, increase metabolism and improve your overall health and fitness levels.

To assure we provide you with the best plan that puts your own goals at heart; we begin by assessing your current fitness level and lifestyle to identify your needs and weaknesses. Using that information we then work together to put in place a plan that is specific, achievable, realistic and most importantly measurable.

Your personalized plan will not only include your set of workouts but also advise on healthy dieting, recommended calorie intake and suggested meal planning ideas. With such a plan, alongside consistency and our constant adjustments as needs be you will have a body you've always wanted and a mind that is strong and resilient.

Following our weight loss plan; we've helped the clients in the images above lose over 10kg and achieve what they've always longed for. At real strength, we are determined to provide unique plans tailored to meet our clients' expectations and assure their goals are conquered.

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